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  • Do you feel lost in life?
  • Do you lack direction in any area of your life?
  • Do you feel your life is going around in circles and you cannot seem to find stability?
  • Are you going through spiritual attacks or spiritual dryness?
  • Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship or marriage?
  • Are you experiencing Ministry breakdown?
  • Are you having financial difficulties?
  • Do you have a longstanding illness?
  • Are you frustrated, anxious or depressed?
Whatever challenge you are facing, we at RCN, are here to listen, support and offer practical help. Our counselling sessions are designed to focus on you and your needs and help you through your challenges, so you can find restoration and transformation.
You are most equipped to face your challenges, when you have the right tools and support, and Transform is here to provide you with those tools.
By speaking with one of our counsellors, you are able to explore your feelings and experiences in a safe space without fear of judgment, and we assure you that everything discussed during the sessions will be confidential.

You can also call us on:

+447835286831, +447598250141